Week in Review: House Committee Passes Farm Bill Proposal


7.12.2012 This morning the House Agriculture Committee passed a Farm Bill proposal with significant cuts to SNAP (CalFresh in California). This proposal, which would cut SNAP by nearly $16 billion over the next ten years, would:

  • Limit the "Heat and Eat" state option. This would result in households across the country losing a significant amount of SNAP benefits. For Californians, it is estimated that nearly 200,000 households could lose out on a roughly 13% increase in benefits once implemented - an average of $43 per month. ┬áCalifornia would also lose the benefits of a more streamlined application process for all households.
  • Restrict the use of broad-based Categorical Eligibility (Cat-El). Cat-El allows states to align the SNAP gross income and asset rules with other public assistance programs. In California a significant number of households would lose out on benefits and children in those households would no longer be directly certified for free school meals. Cat-El enables families to retain moderate savings as a way to cushion against financial uncertainties and climb out of poverty.

Every cut made to SNAP threatens Californian's ability to put enough food on the table. In the next few days the House will be considering the proposal and we strongly urge our Representatives to reject these cuts and pass a Farm Bill that protects and preserves SNAP benefits.

We will continue to keep you updated as more details emerge.

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