Tell the Assembly to Support #FoodwithCare


3.13.2018. On 3/13, advocates from across the state showed up at the capitol to ask policymakers to invest in serving healthy meals to children in child care. The hearing, held by the State Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education, was an opportunity for the Subcommittee to hear what advocates would like included in the state's 2018-2019 budget.

Check out what advocates had to say about serving healthy meals to children in child care:

The above video is a compilation of select comments on the #foodwithcare budget ask made by advocates during the hearing. Other child care budget topics and priorities that were discussed can be found here: We are sending a big thank you to our partners who showed up to provide comment: Kristine Smith from Neighborhood House Association; Bertha Segura from Family Resource and Referral Center San Joaquin; Brendan Twohig from Kidango; Kenneth Hecht from UC ANR Nutrition Policy Institute; Nina Buthee from California Child Development Administrators Association; Dion Aroner from SEIU; Lara Magnusdottir from 4Cs Sonoma; Keisha Nzewi from the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network; the American Heart Association; and the California Association of Food Banks.

YOUR ACTION NEEDED! Echo the efforts of advocates who stormed the Capitol yesterday

Over the next few months the State Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education will be making important decisions on the state budget. Join us in making one extra push to encourage them to invest in #foodwithcare. Then stay tuned for additional calls to action as we work to agendize the #foodwithcare budget ask on the Senate side.

1.) Call or Email Assemblymember McCarty link

2.) Post to social media about #foodwithcare link

3.) Add your organization to the coalition letter link

Questions? Contact Melissa Cannon at 510.433.1122 ext 102, or