Supporting LAUSD's Healthy School Menu


12.22.2011  As you may have heard on the radio or read in the newspapers this week, the innovative changes in Los Angeles cafeteria menus are under the microscope. While some students didn't react to the diverse foods on the menu with the enthusiasm that most adults felt, a variety of operational and logistical challenges depressed uptake of the new items in September and October.  Participation has returned to previous levels for November.  And, most important of all, the food tastes great.

Nutrition Alert about new LAUSD menu. Link

LAUSD is one of a handful of school districts that adjusted the variety of foods on the menu and increased nutrition standards in advance of USDA's anticipated regulatory change in 2012.  As with any new endeavor implemented at 800 schools simultaneously, challenges will surface.  They are not insurmountable.  CFPA is committed to working with LAUSD, its students and its principals to ensure that the nourishing and appetizing choices available this school year are effectively served, promoted and enjoyed.  Eating habits don't change overnight, so a monumental change like this one requires enthusiasm and support from a variety of stakeholders, including you.  Let us know if you would like to visit a school near you to try one of the variety of healthful choices available to Los Angeles students. Contact Ariana Oliva at