SNAP Proposal Will Cut Food Assistance—Removing Millions From California's Agricultural Economy


The Trump Administration is at it again, with another proposed rule that would cut the precious CalFresh dollars that many Californians spend to put food on their table. SNAP/CalFresh helps millions of Californians buy the food they want to eat directly from retailers in their communities. Under the proposed rule, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has estimated that more than 7 million people will see their benefits cut, and 68 percent of those cuts are likely to come from households with children. As with previous proposed rules, the Administration's estimates do not take into account the full range of harm caused by the proposed policy.

This rule not only takes food away from food insecure Californians, it also takes millions out of California's farming economy. According to the USDA, nationally SNAP benefits are used to purchase 473 million dollars worth of vegetables each year. California produces a sizable majority of many American-grown vegetable crops and with many farms across the state still rebuilding and recovering from the devastation of unprecedented wildfires, this rule change could exacerbate harm already being felt in the state's agricultural sector.

This latest USDA rule change is terrible for Calfresh participants, and could have a significant impact on California's agricultural economy. Join us in telling the Trump Administration to stop this latest assault on California.

Say “NO” to the proposed rule that would fuel hunger across California 

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