Sign-On in Support of Heat and Eat in California


4.20.2012 As the Agriculture Committees in the House of Representatives and Senate begin work on the 2012 Farm Bill, several proposals have emerged that threaten the strength of the SNAP program and its ability to respond to the needs of low-income Americans, including the elimination of categorical eligibility and block granting of SNAP state funding.

As many of our partners have, CFPA plans to address each of these proposals, however, at this time we would like to address one in particular: the potential elimination of the "Heat and Eat" option.  "Heat and Eat" will be implemented in California as a result of AB 6, which also eliminated the finger image requirement for CalFresh and will move California to a semi-annual reporting system.

In California, "Heat and Eat" would result in increased benefits for many households and simplification of the benefit calculation process for all. We believe these effects are significant, particularly considering the relatively slow economic recovery and the upcoming drop in CalFresh benefits due to the end of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) SNAP benefit enhancement. Most harmed will be those for whom verification of utility costs can be difficult, like seniors, the disabled, or those living in rural communities.  Combined with other efforts to streamline paperwork and ease the application process for clients and administrators, this change will contribute positively to the overall CalFresh application process.

We're asking for those who oppose elimination of the "Heat and Eat" option to sign-on in support of its preservation. CFPA has drafted a sign-on letter outlining the issue in detail.

UPDATE: Read the final sign-on letter that was submitted on April 26, 2012. PDF

Thank you for your ongoing support of "Heat and Eat"