Senator Wiener Introduces SB 882: CalFresh—Simpler for Seniors


Last week, Senator Scott Wiener (SD-11) introduced SB 882, which makes three major improvements to improve access to CalFresh, particularly for low-income older adults and people with disabilities.

SB 882 would achieve the following:

  • Require the State to provide counties with simplified CalFresh applications for households solely composed of seniors and people with disabilities and no earned income (also known as ESAP Households)
  • Waive the CalFresh annual interim report requirement for over 500,000 ESAP Households
  • ensure all applicants and participants can complete the application and recertification interview processes by phone, including the required client signature.
  • We applaud Senator Wiener's leadership on SB 882, but we need your help to show broad support to the Legislature. You can support SB 882 by joining CFPA and our co-sponsors, the SF-Marin Food Bank, AARP-CA, and the California Association of Food Banks, in sending in a letter of support today.

    Submit a letter of support for SB 882: Click here for a sample letter and directions for submission. doc

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