SB 285 (Wiener) Moves to the Senate Floor!


Thanks to your support, we are one step closer to improving access to CalFresh, our state's most impactful anti-hunger and anti-poverty program. SB 285 (Wiener) passed out of Senate Appropriations Committee last week on a unanimous 6 - 0 vote, and now moves to the Senate Floor, as early as this Tuesday 5/21.

SB 285 establishes clear goals to improve CalFresh access, starting with seniors and disabled SSI recipients who soon become CalFresh- eligible for the first time in decades. It ensures that all applicants have efficient access to CalFresh by phone, online, and in person, with dignity, within an integrated safety net that mitigates poverty and supports health. The bill is sponsored by CFPA, SF-Marin Food Bank, AARP-CA, and the California Association of Food Banks.

We applaud Senator Wiener's commitment to statewide excellence with CalFresh and his leadership towards a human-centered safety net that truly works for the working poor and seniors struggling with poverty.

Perhaps most of all, we are thankful for all of YOU and your tireless advocacy to ensure that California works toward a CalFresh program and integrated safety net that works for all Californians, regardless of where they live or their individual life circumstances

SB 285 will need your continued support as it moves to the Senate Floor, and hopefully all the way through the Legislature to the Governor's desk!


Call your State Senator to urge them to vote YES on SB 285 (Wiener) on the Senate Floor

You can find your Senator's contact information by entering your address here.

For reference, you can view CFPA's Senate floor alert here.

Our coalition budget request for simplified senior CalFresh applications is also moving through State Budget Committees. Send organizational logos to

Stay tuned for further calls to action as SB 285 continues to move through the Legislature. Learn more and stay up to date: Calls to action at our SB 285 page and by signing up to receive SB 285 legislative updates.

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