SB 1002 & SB 1147 Placed on Appropriations Suspense File


4.29.2014 On Monday, April 28 SB 1147 (DeSaulnier) and SB 1002 (de Leon) were placed on the Senate Appropriations Committee Suspense File due to potential fiscal impacts cited in the committee analysis. CFPA, our co-sponsors, and the authors' will take all possible steps to work with committee staff and help ensure SB 1147 and SB 1002's passage through the Appropriations Committee and on to the Senate Floor.

SB 1147 Analysis. link

SB 1002 Analysis. link

SB 1147 proposes the establishment of statewide, CalFresh performance goals and customer service standards. Additionally, SB 1147 requires the provision of publicly available, county-by-county measures of progress in meeting these goals and standards. For more information, visit CFPA's SB 1147 page.

SB 1002 aims to strengthen alignment between Medi-Cal and CalFresh reporting periods. For more information, visit CFPA's SB 1002 page.

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