Protect SNAP in the Farm Bill: Write an Op-Ed to Your Local Newspapers


5.15.2012 Over the past month, the Senate Agriculture Committee has marked-up it's 2012 Farm Bill proposal and the House Agriculture Committee endorsed the Reconciliation Act of 2012. Both actions propose massive cuts to SNAP (in addition to previous House proposals to cut and block grant SNAP funding). Although the House and Senate proposals differ, both include provisions that would hurt low-income Californians eligible for CalFresh.In April we encouraged supporters to urge California's Congressional leaders to vote against the draft proposals if harmful provisions to SNAP remain.

Now, there is an opportunity to take your message public. Our colleagues at Share Our Strength have created a simple form that allows you to automatically submit a Letter to the Editor at your local newspapers on the importance of preserving and protecting SNAP. A sample letter is provided, and we encourage you to personalize your letter to best fit your community.

Share Our Strength's tool to submit a Letter to the Editor. link

Background on Farm Bill 2012 and CFPA letters to Congress. link