President Signs Farm Bill that Protects SNAP, Administration Immediately Proposes Rule to Cut Benefits


On December 20, President Trump signed a new Farm Bill that protects the funding and structure of SNAP (CalFresh in California). CFPA and our anti-hunger allies are pleased with this final outcome that came after two years of deliberations and calls from stakeholders to protect vital food assistance for low-income Americans struggling to make ends meet. We would like to thank all of you who lent your time, energy, and voices to our crucial and ultimately successful effort to ensure the passage of a Farm Bill that protects SNAP/CalFresh.

However, the President's signing came after an announcement that the Administration will request comment on a proposed rule that attempts to end-run Congressional decision-making authority on SNAP/CalFresh, by weakening long-standing protections against work requirements in the program. The proposed rule follows the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued last March, which sought public comment on changes that would make it harder for unemployed and underemployed childless adults to receive SNAP while between jobs or not able to secure enough work hours to continue to qualify.

The Administration’s announcement of its intention to circumvent Congressional decision-making by issuing new regulations is extremely disappointing, but not unexpected, based on numerous similar attempts over the past two years to enact policies that make it more difficult for low-income Americans to receive the help they need.

CFPA and our anti-hunger partners are committed to continue working together to prevent cuts to the program and to insist that our national policy makers renew their commitment to end hunger and food insecurity. Please stay tuned for updates on how you can help protect SNAP by submitting public comments in opposition to the proposed rule that would take away food assistance from people struggling to find work and get back on their feet.

Read our California partners' joint statement on the Farm Bill signing and announcement of proposed rule to cut off benefits from SNAP recipients struggling to find work. PDF

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