Strategic Plan 2017-21

In 2016, CFPA engaged in a strategic planning process to establish programmatic & organizational priorities for the next three years. In November of 2019, our Board of Directors extended this plan another two years. You can learn more about CFPA's goals for 2017-21 by reading our strategic plan.

Strategic Plan 2017-21 PDF

One critical piece of the plan is the effort to accelerate the arrival of an age of equity and inclusion, outlined in our plan's Equity & Diversity Framework.

Equity & Diversity Framework PDF

CFPA's 25th Anniversary

In 2017, CFPA turned 25. We took a moment to celebrate link

CFPA's 20th Anniversary

In 2012, CFPA celebrated its 20th anniversary. In honor of this achievement we commissioned a micro-documentary to capture our organizational history and commemorate our 20 years of advocacy. Watch the video to learn more about CFPA!

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Our History of Impact

The following milestones highlight our yearly accomplishments in improving the health and well-being of low-income Californians by improving their access to nutritious, affordable food.

In 2018 CFPA...

  • Celebrated a legislative victory that means low-income students in charter schools are finally guaranteed access to free and reduced-price school meals.
  • Fought hard against immigration proposals that promoted fear, not food.
  • Continued to highlight stories that drive the need for policy change.
  • In 2017 CFPA...

    • Celebrated a legislative victory that will guarantee paperless enrollment for 650,000 more students and create close to 2,000 hunger free schools for almost one million California students.
    • Secured $5 million in funding for CalFresh households living without safe water!
    • Helped secure $1.5 million in the state budget for the use of California-grown food in freshly prepared school meals!
    • In 2016 CFPA...

      In 2015 CFPA...

      In 2014 CFPA...

      • Further expanded AB 191 (2013), which led to the expansion of categorical eligibility for households with a Medi-Cal recipient, through state budget action, resulting in an increase to the gross income limit for all households.
      • Encourage and supported the Department of Education as they successfully applied to participate in a USDA demonstration project that will evaluate the use of Medi-Cal (Medicaid) data to directly certify students for free school meals in 2015.
      • Advocated for the "Heat and Eat" program, established through CFPA-sponsored AB 6 (2011), which will continue as a result of state budget action, despite federal legislation intended to halt the program across the country.  
      • Successfully expanded our Smarter Lunchrooms work in Los Angeles into a statewide, seven agency collaborative.
      • Co-convened an AB 290 implementation work group to develop the curriculum standards for AB 290 (2013), which established the nutrition training for newly licensed child care providers.
      • Released six publications and three policy agendas: State Legislative Agenda, State Administrative Agenda, and Federal Priorities on Child Nutrition.
      • Released our first-ever annual report.

      In 2013 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 191, improving alignment between CalFresh and Medi-Cal.
      • Sponsored AB 290, establishing nutrition training for individuals seeking child care licensure.
      • Explored the impact of mobile food vending on students through a survey of voters and a series of micro-documentaries.
      • Collaborated with the Child Care Food Program Roundtable and the Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division to developed an action plan to support the Child and Adult Care Food Program that will be executed in 2014.
      • Provided essential support to advancing breakfast improvements in 144 schools in Los Angeles Unified School District and several other school districts.
      • Kicked off the Smarter Lunchrooms movement in California.
      • Collaborated with research partners on multiple quantitative and qualitative assessments of students'time to eat at school.
      • Released several reports, including a new, web-based iteration of the County Nutrition and Food Insecurity Profiles; our seventeenth School's Out…Who Ate? on summer nutrition; and a policy brief highlighting our research on healthy beverages in child care and related policy recommendations.

      In 2012 CFPA...

      • Introduced a robust state legislative agenda that proposed a diverse range of policy changes aimed at improving access to nutritious, affordable food for students, children in child care settings, and families.
      • Aligned its BreakfastFirst Campaign with a strong network of stakeholders to support the launch of Classroom Breakfast in almost 200 schools across Los Angeles Unified School District.
      • Worked with partners in the Alliance to Transform CalFresh to harness the momentum of health care reform and urge policymakers to create integral connections between enrolling in healthcare coverage and applying for CalFresh.
      • Facilitated the implementation of AB 2084 (California's law requiring healthy beverages in licensed child care settings) by launching
      • Bid fond farewell to co-founder and executive director of 20 years, Kenneth Hecht. Welcomed the leadership of new executive director George Manalo-LeClair. Celebrated 20 years of effective and dynamic advocacy to improve the health and well-being of low-income Californians.

      In 2011 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 6, modernizing CalFresh by moving California to semi-annual reporting, eliminating finger imaging for CalFresh, and implementing a "Heat and Eat" program.
      • Sponsored AB 69, allowing for streamlined CalFresh enrollment of eligible seniors through data sharing with the Social Security Administration.
      • Launched the REAL School Food Initiative to develop strategies and pursue policies that support the preparation of fresh school meals made from whole and minimally processed ingredients.
      • Launched RENEW Los Angeles with one year results including revamped school meal menus for LAUSD that are aligned with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

      In 2010 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 2084, establishing nutrition standards for beverages served in licensed child care facilities.
      • Sponsored SB 1413, requiring that K-12 students have access to free drinking water during meal times.
      • Launched the revamped BreakfastFirst Campaign.
      • Unveiled The 411 on Phone Interviews website to support counties waiving the face-to-face interview for food stamps.
      • Celebrated the launch of CalFresh: California's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the culmination of successful legislative, research, and design efforts.

      In 2009 CFPA...

      • Published an influential white paper on improving direct certification.
      • Testified in three federal hearings on child care nutrition, direct certification, and commodities.
      • Co-hosted the 10th annual Food Stamp Forum with the California Department of Social Services.
      • Successfully advocated for USDA's approval of California's request to waive in-person interviews for food stamps.
      • Led effective efforts calling for USDA to reject California's request to extend quarterly reporting for food stamps.

      In 2008 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 433, removing the $2,000 asset test for food stamp applicants and requiring a new name for the California Food Stamp Program.
      • Sponsored AB 2300, providing state authorization for the use of Medi-Cal data in direct certification.
      • Helped secure significant food stamp improvements through the Farm Bill.
      • Released a report assessing the impact of the federal Child Nutrition Commodity Program on school meals.

      In 2007 CFPA...

      • Helped secure a federal omnibus spending bill that included a national expansion of the Simplified Summer Food Service Program.
      • Successfully advocated for an increased state reimbursement for school meals, contingent on improved nutritional quality.
      • Released Running on Empty, a report examining the status of the School Breakfast Program throughout California.
      • Celebrated successful state budget efforts to provide, by default, food stamp benefits to single adults without dependents (ABAWDS) in areas of high unemployment.

      In 2006 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 2384, authorizing the Healthy Purchase Pilot, an incentive program for households using Food Stamp benefits to procure produce.
      • Sponsored AB 569, leading to a thorough examination of severe need schools not offering breakfast.
      • Launched the Stampy Awards to honor efforts aimed at improving the Food Stamp Program in California.

      In 2005 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 1385, requiring the use of computer data matching to directly certify students for free school meals if they receive CalWORKs or food stamp benefits.
      • Promoted implementation of the California Fresh Pilot Project, which offered an additional per-meal reimbursement to schools serving more produce at breakfast.
      • Sponsored the Cafeteria Improvement Motion, enacted by the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education to improve the quality and appeal of school meals.

      In 2004 CFPA...

      • Successfully advocated for the Year Round California Child Nutrition Pilot and improved direct certification through the federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act.
      • Joined State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell and others for the first statewide release of School Meals Initiative (SMI) data.
      • Helped create the ENACT Lobby Day - the first lobby day in California to focus on reducing obesity through nutrition and physical activity policy.

      In 2003 CFPA...

      • Sponsored AB 231, establishing transitional food stamp benefits for former CalWORKS recipients, removing vehicle value from the asset test, and requiring county consideration of applicant hardships that might inhibit in-office interviews.
      • Partnered with summer meal sponsors to host California Congress members from the Education and Labor Committee at summer lunch sites for discussions about federal legislation that would expand summer nutrition programs.
      • Released Touched by Hunger, a report examining food insecurity across California.

      In 2002 CFPA...

      • Staffed a new task force, convened by First Lady Sharon Davis, to serve 1 million low-income children who were benefiting from school lunch but not school breakfast.
      • Partnered with the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research to publish the first assessment of food insecurity in California's 58 counties.
      • Successfully advocated for the district-wide policy banning soda sales in Los Angeles Unified School District -- a first among large school districts.

      In 2001 CFPA...

      • Successfully advocated for a higher standard utility allowance, providing increased food stamp benefits to thousands of low-income Californians during the energy crisis.
      • Distributed the Provision 2 Tool Kit, showing low-income schools how to skip burdensome paperwork and serve free meals to their students.
      • Convinced the Legislature to audit the state finger-imaging system to better assess a critical barrier to Food Stamp Program participation.

      In 2000 CFPA...

      • Sponsored SB 2013, simplifying California's lengthy and confusing Food Stamp Program application.
      • Supported a direct certification initiative that certified 52,000 California students to receive free school meals.
      • Successfully advocated for legislative action requiring the first county-by-county measures of hunger and food insecurity, leading to new metrics in the California Health Interview Survey.

      In 1999 CFPA...

      • Sponsored the state's first proposed school breakfast mandate, introduced by State Senator John Vasconcellos.
      • Co-sponsored the first Food Stamp Forum with the California Department of Social Services.
      • Released a report showing a lack of nutrition assistance for more than 1 million year-round school students during school breaks, despite the availability of federal funds.

      In 1998 CFPA...

      • Successfully advocated for expansion of the California Food Assistance Program.
      • Convened summer meal sponsors in six regional summits to develop program improvement recommendations.
      • Successfully advocated for legislative action that changed state start-up and expansion grants to include summer nutrition as well as school breakfast.

      In 1997 CFPA...

      • Co-sponsored legislation creating the California Food Assistance Program to provide food stamp benefits for documented immigrants barred from the federal Food Stamp Program.
      • Successfully advocated to keep 136,000 single adults eligible for the Food Stamp Program in California.
      • Supported the first Hunger Lobby Day, bringing constituent voices to the State Capitol.

      In 1996 CFPA...

      • Stymied dozens of punitive state proposals with the Bad Bills campaign.
      • Successfully advocated for an additional $1.5 million in start-up funds for summer nutrition programs nationwide.
      • Sponsored the Measuring the Impact meeting and a national conference on food access in low-income communities.

      In 1995 CFPA...

      • Partnered with other advocates to protect public nutrition programs against the Congressional Contract with America.
      • Produced the School Breakfast-Decision Makers Packet, delivered to superintendents of 1,200 low-income schools.

      In 1994...

      • California granted $3 million in breakfast start-up funds, resulting in over 160,000 students at 300 school gaining access to the School Breakfast Program.
      • CFPA and the Children's Alliance founded the Western Region Anti-Hunger Consortium to strengthen the collaboration of nutrition and anti-hunger advocates across state lines.

      In 1993 CFPA...

      • Won state funds for school breakfast start-up grants, resulting in 50,000 students at 188 schools gaining access to the School Breakfast Program.
      • Led a Legislature-appointed coalition on child nutrition that ultimately guided program reauthorization.
      • Coordinated a county-by-county food stamp outreach drive to increase enrollment in areas with low participation.

      In 1992...

      California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) was founded to prevent hunger and improve nutrition for low-income Californians.


      • Issued its first white paper, which sought a more equitable allocation of WIC funding.
      • Joined with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation to enroll more districts in the School Breakfast Program.
      • Helped establish San Francisco's first collaboration of emergency food providers.