October 12 is National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day!


9.15.2011 Show your kids you are interested in what and where they eat during the week! Plan to visit your child's school for lunch on October 12th.

School food has come a long way from the pale-colored goop and mystery meat some parents might remember-so why not taste for yourself? October 12th is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day.

It's your chance to line up with a lunch tray, eat with your child, and talk to the people who serve up the food day in and day out. National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is about communication-talking to your school and to your child to learn about what's going well, and how you can work together to make school food even better.

Before you head off to lunch, make a plan with your child's school. They'll need to be on board to host parents-and make sure there's enough grub to go around! Approach the principal yourself, or join up with the PTA to make it an official school event.

To download free, ready-to-use resources to plan your lunch visit click here.