New Year, New Updates to the Forum


10.24.2012 This year we have made a few changes to the CalFresh Forum. First, workshops will be tailored to one of three types of attendees: CalFresh administrators and eligibility workers, outreach workers, and advocates. We understand that there are a range of attendees who wear multiple hats, do additional work, or may not identify with any of these "tracks." For that reason, tracks are suggested for each workshop- attendees are welcome to attend any workshop of their choosing. Our hope in creating multiple tracks is to make workshops more targeted, specific, and useful.

Second, some of the workshops will take on the form of "training sessions." These workshops will provide attendees with more interaction, activity, and direct coaching from workshop speakers. The goal of these workshops is for attendees to leave the Forum with  new skills and tangible examples of how change can be made in their community.

Third, we will highlight the work of the "Freshy" Award nominees in more detail than we have in previous years. If you are planning to nominate someone, be prepared to go into detail about the work that they have done in their communities.  While the award ceremony will be similar to year's past, we will showcase the work of the nominees throughout the day.

As usual, we will send an evaluation out after the forum. Please take that opportunity to let us know what you thought about these changes, as well as the speakers, topics, etc.

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