Lost Dollars, Empty Plates

CFPA's annual report Lost Dollars,
Empty Plates examines the impact of CalFresh participation on California's state and local economies.

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2013 Lost Dollars, Empty Plates

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The Economic Impact of CalFresh Participation

California ranks last among all states for participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program¹ (SNAP -- known as "CalFresh" in California). The low rate of participation harms state and local economies as well as low-income Californians. The Lost Dollars, Empty Plates analysis examines the impact that increased participation in CalFresh would have on state, local, and household budgets. In these times of ongoing economic hardship, ensuring that CalFresh reaches all eligible individuals and families is an excellent means of bolstering economic activity while supporting the growing number of Californians in need.

Low CalFresh participation means less for all Californians – less nutrition assistance for eligible households, less economic activity, and less sales tax revenue for the state and local governments. These losses can be mitigated by eliminating unnecessary barriers to CalFresh participation. For more on priority actions to improve CalFresh, please see the full Lost Dollars, Empty Plates report. PDF


¹ USDA-FNS, Reaching Those in Need: State Food Stamp Participation Rates in 20010, December 2012. PDF

Summary Tables

These tables list, for the state and each of California's 58 counties, the estimated loss of federal benefits and associated economic activity resulting from the underutilization of CalFresh.

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LDEP Summary Table 1

LDEP Summary Table 2