Long Beach in Favor of Healthy Food and Beverage Policies


12.9.2011 Like most places in the nation, Long Beach is experiencing an increase in obesity rates. 2011 data show that 27.2% of 5th, 7th, and 9th graders in Long Beach are obese.

As a way to tackle childhood obesity, Long Beach City council members passed earlier this week two city-wide nutrition policies: the Healthy Snack Food and Beverage Policy and the Healthy Beverage Vending Policy. The first policy establishes nutritional guidelines on snacks sold in vending machines found on city property as well as guidelines for snacks and beverages "served to youth populations at city sponsored meetings and classes." The second policy establishes nutritional guidelines for beverage vending machines on city-owned property that will exclude the sale of sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks and flavored milk. Both policies established nutritional guidelines based on the school competitive food standards described in SB 12. These guidelines will only apply to vending machines found in public areas and will exclude vending machines in employee lounges. Although the original language of the policy was changed, this moment marks the start of a much healthier Long Beach.

To view the Long Beach Healthy Beverage Vending Policy click here.

To view the Long Beach Healthy Snack Food and Beverage Policy click here.