Let Congress Know You Support Healthy School Meals


8.5.2011 Earlier in 2011, USDA proposed new standards to improve the nutritional content of school meals. However, in May, the House Appropriations Committee voted to undo USDA's efforts to improve school  lunches and breakfasts. Please let Congress know that updating cafeteria menus is important to you!  Send an email to your Member of Congress asking him or her to sign on to the Miller/Polis Dear Colleague Letter. PDF

The letter urges the implementation of the new school meal standards by the start of the 2012 school year. The Center for Science in the Public Interest drafted a model letter that you can adapt and send to your Congress Member. View the letter. link

Don't delay -- make sure your voice is heard today! The deadline for Members of Congress to sign onto the Dear Colleague letter has been extended to early next week.