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CFPA 2008 Legislative Agenda

The table below contains our 2008 legislative agenda including all information on CFPA-sponsored bills and other legislation we are supporting, opposing, or monitoring. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as more bills are introduced and action is taken on each. CFPA sponsored bills have our highest priority and are included in the shaded boxes.

2008 CFPA Legislative Agenda PDF

Assembly Bills
BillAuthorSubjectCFPA PositionStatus
AB 433Beall"Cat-El" MediCAL and Food Stamps
AB 433 Fact Sheet | FAQ
Sponsor Signed
AB 1966GarciaBreakfast for Needy Schools
AB 1966 Fact Sheet
Co-SponsorHeld in Assembly Appropriations
AB 2300LairdMediCAL and School Meal Enrollment
AB 2300 Fact Sheet
Sponsor Held in Assembly Appropriations
AB 2368FuentesCalWORKs: Motor VehiclesPendingHeld in Senate Appropriations
AB 2474GalgianiObesity PreventionSupportSigned
AB 2704LenoWater in Schools
AB 2704 Fact Sheet
Sponsor Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2844LairdFood Stamp and CalWORKs Reporting
AB 2844 Fact Sheet
SponsorVetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2965KrekorianWater Toxicity in SchoolsPending Vetoed (Veto Message)
Senate Bills
BillAuthorSubjectCFPA PositionStatus
SB 1101CedilloEmergency Food Tax Check-offSupportSigned
SB 1160AlquistCalWORKs EligibilityPendingSigned
SB 1341PadillaCalWORKs Personal Property RetentionPendingSigned
SB 1420PadillaRestaurant Nutrition InformationSupport Signed