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CFPA 2005 Legislative Agenda

The table below contains our 2005 legislative agenda including all information on CFPA-sponsored bills and other legislation we are supporting, opposing, or monitoring. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as more bills are introduced and action is taken on each. CFPA sponsored bills have our highest priority and are included in the shaded boxes.

Assembly Bills
BillAuthorSubjectCFPA PositionStatus
AB 48LieberMinimum WageSupport Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 173HoustonLiability: Immunity Food & BeverageOppose Held in Assembly Judiciary
AB 233HaynesCalWORKs EligibilityOpposeHeld in Assembly Human Services
AB 443YeeSchool Food Sales Monitor Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 444YeeSchool Food Nutrition Guidelines MonitorVetoed ( Veto Message)
AB 503LieberCalWORKs: Bill of RightsSupportHeld in Assembly Appropriations
AB 569GarciaPupil Nutrition: Food ServiceSupportSigned
AB 622Negrete McLeodPublic School: Pupil NutritionMonitorHeld in Assembly Appropriations
AB 696ChuPublic Social Services: CalWORKs & Food Stamps
AB 696 Fact Sheet | Reporting FAQ | Finger Imaging FAQ | Customer Service FAQ | Cat-El FAQ | ABAWDs FAQ
SponsorVetoed (Veto Message)
AB 826NavaFood & AgricultureSupportVetoed (Veto Message)
AB 855BassCalWORKsSupportVetoed (Veto Message)
AB 1298EvansHealth & Human ServicesSupport Held in Senate Human Services
AB 1385LairdSchool Meals
AB 1385 Fact Sheet
Sponsor Signed
AB 1392UmbergSummer School: Free or Reduced Price MealSupport Signed
Senate Bills
BillAuthorSubjectCFPA PositionStatus
SB 12EscutiaSchool Food Nutrition
SB 12 Fact Sheet
Support Signed
SB 281MaldonadoNutrition:California Fresh Pilot Program
SB 281 Fact Sheet
Support Held in Assembly Agriculture
SB 284MaldonadoSpecialty Crop FundingSupport Held in Assembly Agriculture
SB 522TorlaksonState Property: Vending MachinesSupport Died on File
SB 567TorlaksonSchool Wellness PoliciesSupport Vetoed (Veto Message)
SB 786McClintockPublic Assistance: Home VisitsOppose Held in Senate
SB 937AanestadLiability: ObesityOppose Held in Senate
SB 965EscuitaPupil Nutrition: BeveragesSupport Signed
SB 1071McClintockCalWORKs:COLA EliminationOppose Held in Senate