LCFF and Free School Meals: Progress!


6.20.2014 Today the Governor signed into law a change that better aligns state education funding (via the Local Control Funding Formula - LCFF) with access to free school meals. With this policy change, schools that utilize a school meal provision can establish a four-year baseline of low-income students for the purposes of LCFF (with annual adjustments for incoming and outgoing students). This keeps schools from having to collect income data for each student each year.

School meal provisions, such as Provision 2 (P2) and the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), are federally authorized options that enable high-poverty schools to serve school meals free of charge to all students. Making LCFF compatible with these provisions will help direct state and federal resources where they are needed most.

We applaud the Governor, the Legislature, and the advocacy community for advancing this important change. 

See the policy put forth through the state budget - SEC. 19 (page 25). PDF

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