In Solidarity: Justice for Black Lives


CFPA mourns the tragic loss of Black lives. We condemn the state-sanctioned violence that killed Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others before them.

We live in a country where racist structures and systems selectively oppress, harm, and kill Black people. These racist foundations are visible in acute measures of crisis like death rates from COVID-19 and in the chronic, inexcusable inequities of poverty, safety, and opportunity for Black communities. 

Dismantling systemic racism and addressing issues of inequity are fundamental to our mission. Until Black Lives Matter, we cannot realize a California where every person has the food they need to live healthy lives.

As CFPA advances policies to prevent hunger and hardship, we stand in solidarity with all who demand equity, an end to white supremacy, and justice for Black lives.

Please consider contributing to the critically important work of Black Lives Matter and other organizations leading the fight for racial justice.

In solidarity,

The CFPA Team