House Farm Bill Passes Narrowly: A Single Vote Could Have Prevented Harm


Today, the House of Representatives voted 213 to 211 to pass HR 2, the Republican farm bill proposal that would, if enacted, make draconian cuts to SNAP/CalFresh. CFPA and our anti-hunger allies are deeply disappointed that this mean-spirited and ill-conceived bill passed the House today.

We feel particularly let down by our California Republican Delegation, all but two of whom voted for the bill despite the fact that it would take away or cut CalFresh for many of their low-income constituents. If just one California Representative who voted yes had instead voted no, the bill would have failed to pass and vital food assistance for millions of Americans would not be at risk as it now is. Today is a stark reminder that every vote counts.

The harsh and partisan bill that California Republicans voted for would cut SNAP by nearly $19 billion and take away food assistance from 2 million struggling Americans, including children, seniors, and veterans in our state. The changes to SNAP in HR 2 would be particularly harmful for CalFresh recipients currently working in low-wage jobs, and also those struggling to find work. This House farm bill betrays the longstanding bipartisan commitment to making sure people who are struggling have enough to eat.

We thank those in Congress that took a courageous stand against hunger and poverty and said no to the harmful SNAP provisions in the bill. Protecting and strengthening SNAP — not cutting it — is the right way forward. That’s why Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have drafted a better approach: a bipartisan farm bill that does not take away food assistance from eligible households and makes smart investments to improve SNAP.

We encourage those who support a strong SNAP program to let your member know how you feel about today's vote. You can see how your member of Congress voted on the bill here.

To find your Representative and their contact information, call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or use this link.

If your member voted no because of the harmful SNAP provisions, please reach out and thank them for rejecting this partisan bill that would deeply cut SNAP/CalFresh.

If your member voted in favor of the bill, let them know that you are disappointed that they would vote to cut vital food assistance for millions of low-income working families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

What's next in the Farm Bill process?

The Senate's version of the farm bill, which does not include major cuts to SNAP, heads to Senate Floor for a vote as soon as next week. CFPA and our anti-hunger partners are calling on Senators Feinstein and Harris to continue to show their strong support for SNAP by opposing any amendments on the Senate Floor that would cut SNAP or make harmful changes that would take away food assistance from struggling families who need help.

For more information and updates about the Farm Bill, visit CFPA's Farm Bill page.

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