CHIS Health Policy Brief

Using results from the California Health Interview Survey, CFPA and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research highlight statewide, regional, and county measures of food insecurity and very low food security in 2007-2009.

CFPA Primary Contact

Kerry Birnbach
Nutrition Policy Advocate
Oakland Office

UCLA Primary Contact

Leticia Marquez

Health Policy Brief

County Press Releases

County press releases are available here:

*Please note: statistics for the number and percent of food-insecure adults only reflect food insecurity among adults whose incomes fall below 200% of the federal poverty level.

Full Report

Health Policy Brief: Nearly Four Million Californians Are Food Insecure PDF

An estimated 3.8 million California adults - particularly those in households with children as well as low-income Latinos - could not afford to put adequate food on the table during the recent recession, according to a new policy brief by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. For more information, please see the full Health Policy Brief. PDF

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