Food Insecurity Is an LGBTQ+ Issue—Proposed SNAP Rule Would Worsen Disparities


Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adults are 1.6 times more likely to have experienced food insecurity in the last year than non-LGBT adults. USDA’s proposal to eliminate state flexibility to waive punitive and counterproductive time limits on SNAP/CalFresh for unemployed and underemployed people will worsen disparities in food access for LGBTQ+ Americans.

The experience of violence, discrimination, and social stigma against LGBTQ+ people limits their ability to access jobs, education, and health care. Within the LGBT community, such experiences are even more common among women, people of color, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGI) people—particularly TGI people of color. Appallingly, more than three-fourths of transgender people have experienced some form of workplace discrimination.

The level of LGBTQ+ exclusion varies by geography, and is lower in states with explicit anti-discrimination laws (like California), but disparities in financial, physical, and social well being persist. Protecting access to SNAP is one way we can support the LGBTQ+ community and others facing structural barriers to economic security.

Maintaining state flexibility to exempt vulnerable adults facing structural barriers to employment is essential to making the SNAP program responsive to people's economic realities. The USDA proposal is an unwise expansion of a harsh, unfair, and counterproductive policy.

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LGBTQ+ people face unique barriers to employment and report heightened levels of discrimination, particularly among LGBTQ+ people of color. Trump's proposed rule means they could lose SNAP if they are fired or choose to leave an unsafe job. #HandsOffSNAP

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