Federal Courts Block Implementation of New Public Charge Rule


Today, injunctions blocking the Trump administration's public charge rule were issued in three federal court cases. Although temporary, these injunctions stop the new rule from taking effect on October 15th.

California Food Policy Advocates applauds the courts' decisions. This is a huge victory for immigrant families and the nationwide network of advocates who have fought tirelessly to protect them. Thanks to your comments on the proposed rule, the plaintiffs were able to make compelling arguments that communities would suffer irreparable harm if the rule goes into effect. This is a collective win for all of us!

While we wait and hope for a permanent injunction, we encourage families to access the services that keep them healthy. Food, health care, and housing are vital needs. If you are eligible for CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and/or housing assistance-keep getting the help you need! Using these services won't count against immigration applications processed in the United States.

Questions? Contact Gabby Tilley at gabby@cfpa.net