Help shape the next federal coronavirus legislation


We only have a few days to generate pressure for congressional leaders and the Administration to resume negotiations on COVID and agree to a comprehensive relief package.

We need policymakers to feel a sense of urgency, to understand the harm of inaction, and to push aside politics so that Californians can have access to the resources necessary to avert hunger during this crisis. Many of California's congressional leaders have been helping advance comprehensive relief. They need a little cheerleading to help get to the finish line. Now is the time to reach back out to ask that your Senators and Representatives take action and help pass a comprehensive relief package. This should take you just a few minutes. Use this tool to find phone numbers and email submission tools for California's Congressional Delegation.

Sample script

The pandemic has devastated the economy and people across the country are struggling to get by. If Congress and the Administration fail to agree to and pass a strong relief package, they will leave millions of families to face this crisis on their own. I'm extremely concerned about rising hunger in my community. In late July, nearly one quarter of California families with children struggled to put food on the table. The pandemic does not have to be a crisis of hunger. While I appreciate all that congress has done to provide temporary relief, Californians need more help putting food on the table. We need you to help pass a relief package that is strong enough to get us through this crisis, administrative actions will not be enough.

Mention any specific policies, such as SNAP/CalFresh and Pandemic EBT you would like to see included as part of a COVID Relief package and why they are important to your community:

Tools to Support Your Advocacy

  • Hunger Relief Federal Advocacy Toolkit To support your advocacy we put together a toolkit tailored for use by California's nutrition and anti-hunger champions.

  • What if SNAP increased by 15%? An analysis of the impact by county and congressional district.

  • Questions? Contact Melissa Cannon at 510.433.1122, or visit