ECE Nutrition Investments: Eliminated from Budget


6.17.2014 On June 11, 2014 California's Legislative Conference Committee met to vote on unresolved budget items, including the Early Childhood Education (ECE) budget package. CFPA applauds the Legislature's efforts to invest in California's child care system, but we are disappointed to report that the approved ECE budget package does not include any investments in early childhood nutrition.

It is unclear why the Assembly's proposed nutrition investment was ultimately eliminated from the Legislature's budget. CFPA will work to identify these reasons and determine next steps. We will follow-up with additional details as they emerge.

We are appreciative of the broad support this proposal received from a variety of organizations, including social service agencies, non-profit health groups, ECE programs and administrators, early childhood advocates, and research centers.  While this particular budget strategy may have proved unsuccessful, we will continue our work in this area and are committed to improving ECE nutrition environments on a statewide basis.

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