CFPA Denounces Final Public Charge Rule and Vows to Protect Immigrant Families


Today, the Trump administration finalized its public charge rule--making the use of certain nutrition, health, and housing benefits grounds for denial of a green card application. California Food Policy Advocates strongly denounces this policy and vows to continue advocating immigrants' right to food and opportunity in California. Read our statement here.

The rule adds SNAP/CalFresh, along with critical forms of health and housing assistance, to the list of programs considered in a public charge determination. Although SNAP/CalFresh eligibility is already so limited that few SNAP participants would ever be subject to public charge, the greatest threat to immigrant health is fear and mistrust. Family separations at the border, ICE raids and mass deportations, racist anti-immigrant rhetoric from our nation's leaders--with each attack the climate of fear intensifies for immigrants in America. As a result, immigrant participation in public programs is declining. We even hear reports of immigrants avoiding routine activities for fear of deportation.

This fight isn't overPeople are more than their immigration status; we cannot let hate and fear dictate the future of our communities.

It is important to remember that: