CFPA Submits Comments Opposing USDA Proposal to Cut Food Assistance for Over 3 Million Low-Income Americans


CFPA has submitted public comments in opposition to USDA's recently proposed new rules for CalFresh. If enacted, USDA estimates the rule would cut 3.1 million people off of SNAP. In California, we estimate that 230,000 - 393,000 or more low-income Californians would lose access to CalFresh. A recent study conducted by Mathematica estimates that the proposed changes would cause ten percent of California’s SNAP caseload to lose eligibility, an estimated 195,922 households. The vast majority of households losing vital food assistance will be working families or include seniors or people with disabilities.

The proposed rule would also cause harm to low-income K-12 students and the schools that serve them. Loss of SNAP benefits among households that receive SNAP through Cat El would sever the seamless connection to free school meals for students in those households. USDA estimates that over 500,000 K-12 students would be cut off from the free school meals that are sometimes the only nutritious meal they eat each day, and which help students stay prepared and focused at school to achieve their academic goals.

CFPA's comments call on USDA to "immediately withdraw this misguided proposal." Read our comments in opposition here.

CFPA would like to thank our partners, supporters, and other stakeholders who also submitted comments opposing the proposed rule. Your time, energy and contributions are vital and appreciated. We are proud to stand with you in our shared efforts to protect food assistance for the millions of Californians and Americans who have fallen on hard times and need help to meet their basic needs. Thank you for joining us in this fight.

Please stay tuned for more updates from CFPA on how you can help protect food assistance for low-income Californians in the face of ongoing attacks from the federal administration

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