AB 1678

CFPA proposes to help create healthy school environments, support academic achievement, and promote student wellness by restricting mobile food vending near school campuses before, during, and after the school day.

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Building Healthy School Environments: Curb Mobile Vending to Kids


No one should profit at the expense of children's health. School environments that support healthy eating put our kids on a path to long-term wellbeing and life-long achievement. For many years, California has taken action to create such environments. In communities across the state, those efforts are being undermined by mobile food vending that specifically and intentionally targets students near school campuses.

Before, during, and after the school day, mobile food vendors converge near campuses to sell chips, soda, and a host of other unhealthy items. Vendors are using the portability of their businesses to target students with the very foods and beverages that California has worked diligently to remove from schools. This type of vending diminishes hard-fought, long-sought improvements to school nutrition and undercuts the important health messages that those changes convey to students.

Schools should be safe havens, not commercial zones. AB 1678 would restrict mobile food vending that seeks to profit at the expense of student health.

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AB 1678 Advocacy Materials

  • Sample Letter of Support

    AB 1678 will likely be heard by the Assembly Health Committee on April 17, 2012.
    Please show your support by submitting a letter of support before 5pm on April 9, 2012.

    Sample letter of support for AB 1678 doc

AB 1678 Supporting Documents

  • Bill Language

    AB 1678 bill language as amended PDF
    AB 1678 bill language as introduced by Assemblymember Monning PDF

  • Fact Sheet

    CFPA’s fact sheet on curbing mobile vending to kids PDF

  • See It

    Photos of mobile vending near California’s schools PDF

  • In Their Own Words

    Californians share their first-hand experiences with the impacts of mobile food vending near school campuses.
    Three installments available now with more to come! PDF

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQs on curbing mobile vending to kids coming soon!