Are You Saying Soda Doesn’t Lead to Happiness?


10.10.12 That's what a new video from ad legend, Alex Bogusky, and CSPI is telling Americans across the nation. The video highlights the not so happy side effects of drinking sugary beverages, especially sodas.

We've all seen the commercials of the happy polar bear family frolicking through the arctic pole enjoying their soda. But the Real Bears'video paints another picture – one that is actually closer to home. Growing waistlines, costly medications, and painful medical procedures are some of the things that this "happy" polar bear family has to deal with on a regular basis.

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Sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks and even fruit juices, contain a lot of sugar and little to no nutrients. "Sugary drinks are the single-largest source of calories in the American diet" and they have played a big role in the obesity epidemic. And in case you didn't know, "it would take the average adult over one hour of walking to burn off the 240 calories in a 20 oz Coke."

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Bogusky was responsible for the very well-know anti-tobacco Truth campaign. It is our hope that this new campaign brings more awareness to the side effects of drinking way too many sugar beverages and that it encourages all of us to seek healthier beverage alternatives, like fresh and free tap water. We hope to see more and more people carrying reusable water bottles with them everywhere they go!

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