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Opportunity for Districts to Provide Smarter Lunchrooms


9.30.2015 Fifty schools in 25 districts will soon have the opportunity to participate in the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California (SLM of CA), where they will be provided with technical assistance and training on low and no-cost techniques that nudge students to make smarter choices and increase the consumption of healthy foods.

This opportunity is part of an expansion of a California Department of Education (CDE) pilot project, Technical Advising Professionals into Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (TAP into SLM). It will be funded by a Team Nutrition grant awarded to CDE by the USDA.

Over 100 schools have worked directly with TAPs to put Smarter Lunchrooms into action, since the program began in August 2013. The SLM of CA leverages resources statewide from organizations including the California Food Policy Advocates, California Department of Education, Dairy Council of California, University of California CalFresh Nutrition Education Program, Kaiser Permanente, the California Endowment, and the California Department of Public Health.

With over 4.5 million school breakfasts and lunches served in California each day, the lunchroom provides a significant opportunity to influence health and wellbeing of California kids.

For more information about the Team Nutrition grant and opportunities for districts, contact Heather Reed at hreed@cde.ca.gov.

For more information about the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California. link

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