Lunchtime Supports Learning

California should ensure that all students have enough time to eat lunch at school. The legislature should amend the existing State Meal Mandate to ensure that students are given adequate time to eat their lunch after being served.

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Lunchtime Supports Learning: Students Need Adequate Time to Eat

School lunch is a critical resource that helps students learn, grow and achieve. California's implementation of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act has improved foods served in schools, and districts are working hard to make school lunches more healthful and appealing to students. However, students across the state miss out on the benefits of school lunch every day because they don't have enough time to eat. While state labor law ensures workers an adequate meal break during the workday, students have no similar protection. Schools have a responsibility to meet students'basic needs during the school day. California has the opportunity to more effectively spend critical state and federal resources that support school lunches by ensuring students have adequate time to eat.

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