AB 6 and AB 69 Heading to Senate Appropriations Commitee!


8.5.2011 The Senate Committee on Appropriations will hear AB 6 on Monday, August 15th beginning at 10:00am in Room 4203. AB 69 is currently on suspense in the  Senate Appropriations Committee. On August 22nd, the committee will announce whether AB 69 has passed out of the suspense file and can move to the Senate floor.

In order to make it to the Senate floor, passage through this committee is critical to both bills. Voice your support to keep these bills moving! We are asking that you fax letters of support to CFPA or hand deliver letters to the committee office (room 2206) in Sacramento by Friday 8/12. If you choose to fax the letter to CFPA, we will hand-deliver your letter to the committee staff on your behalf.

 AB 6 Senate Appropriations Sample Support Letter doc

AB 69 Senate Appropriations Sample Support Letter doc