AB 1871: Unanimous Vote by Senate Ed! What's Next?


Last week, AB 1871 (Bonta) took another big step down the road to the Governor's signature.

With strong leadership from Assemblymember Bonta, powerful testimony from three witnesses, more than 20 supporters in the room, and nearly 50 supporters on record, AB 1871 received unanimous support from the Senate Education Committee!

What's Next?
The next step is winning the approval of the Senate Appropriations Committee, chaired by Senator Anthony Portantino. Here's how you can help.

Submit a letter of support to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Download a customizable support letter and submission instructions. doc

Make a short, simple phone call to Senator Anthony Portantino, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee at 916.651.4025 to ask for his support of AB 1871.

Hello. My name is ________. I live in ______, CA. I am calling to ask Senator Portantino to support AB 1871, a bill coming to the Appropriations Committee after unanimous support from the Senate Education Committee. AB 1871, authored by Assemblymember Bonta, will give low-income students in public charter schools guaranteed access to school meals. I believe that all children living in poverty deserve nutritious meals, no matter where they go to school. Thank you.


  • Don't leave federal dollars on the table. #AB1871 by @RobBonta means we harness resources to help our kids learn, grow, and achieve. Asking for your support @Portantino to feed hungry students. #SchoolMeals #FoodAndFairness
  • #AB1871 by @RobBonta means we feed kids no matter where they go to school. Asking for your support @Portantino to help CA students reach their full potential. #FoodAndFairness
  • We need #AB1871 by @RobBonta because no child should go hungry in a CA public school. Asking for your support @Portantino to give all students a fair shot at success.
  • Food is fundamental to success & learning. No child should go without, no matter where they go to school. @Portantino asking for your support on #AB1871 by @RobBonta
  • Hunger shouldn't limit school choice because hunger shouldn't BE a school choice. Asking @Portantino to support #AB1871 by @RobBonta.

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Silke Bradford is a champion for education reform, California kids, and AB 1871. From her deep understanding of charter schools and her unwavering commitment to educational equity, she provided compelling testimony that helped sway the committee.

Ethically it has always been unjust that students & families have been excluded from entry into these public school simply because they could not afford to provide their own lunch at these charters...Making school meals available to needy students is something we should do right and do right now...California kids deserve nothing less.

Angeles and Jasmine Nelson shared their time, energy, and personal experiences to tell the story of AB 1871 in a way that no one else could. Families need equitable access to basic resources. All students deserve to be fed. Our thanks and gratitude to the Nelson Family for speaking truth to power and putting their voices behind AB 1871. Their testimony was key to securing the unanimous committee vote.

When I approached the administration of the [charter] school if my kids could get free and reduced lunch, they couldn't do anything about it. I would really appreciate if that changed and all the kids could eat at the school.

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CFPA, in partnership with the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California and the Western Center on Law & Poverty, released a brief examining student access to meals in public charter schools. The brief explores this critical issue of equity through the lens of poverty, race, ethnicity, and public school choice.

Read the brief to access student & family stories, the latest data analysis, and profiles of California charters schools that do and do not make meals available to students in need. PDF

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Find factsheets, data, stories, and more on our AB1871 page.

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