AB 1594 Vetoed by Governor Brown


10.1.2012 AB 1594 (Eng) Improving Charter School Nutrition was vetoed by the Governor on Saturday, September 29. AB 1594 would have extended California's needy student meal mandate to California charter schools ensuring that all low-income public school students have access to nutritious, affordable meals on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, AB 1594 will not be enacted. However, the Governor's veto does not eliminate the need for all low-income charter schools students to have access to affordable meals. CFPA will continue to strategize about how we can best work toward meeting this need and supporting the health and well-being of all California students. 

We appreciate your work in support of AB 1594! The bill received great support throughout the legislative session from a diverse group of stakeholders and would not have made it to the Governor's desk without it. We will continue working together to make improved nutrition environments in charter schools a reality and thank you for your commitment! Stay tuned for more.

Read the Governor's veto message on AB 1594. link

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