AB 1594 (Eng) Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee!


Take Action icon5.25.2012 AB 1594 was taken off "suspense" and passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee today. AB 1594 would extend the needy student meal mandate to California charter schools, ensuring that all low-income students have access to these essential benefits. Amendments were taken in an effort to alleviate costs and lessen the impact on state and local administrators. The bill, as passed, makes significant progress in ensuring access to nutritious, affordable meals in California charter schools.

Amendments to AB 1594:

  • Exempt charter schools that offer both classroom-based instruction and non-classroom-based instruction or online instruction from providing a meal to students enrolled in only non-classroom-based or only online instruction.
  • Require any new charter schools in operation after passage of AB 1594 to provide each needy student with an affordable meal.
  • Require all charter schools currently in operation and meeting the proposed requirement to continue to do.
  • Stagger implementation for charter schools currently in operation, but not providing students with one nutritionally adequate, free or reduced-price meal per day.
  • Offer charter schools a time-limited hardship waiver if implementation of the requirements proves to be an unmanageable financial hardship.

AB 1594 needs your continued support to move off the Assembly Floor. We've prepared an AB 1594 Floor Alert. Please email or fax a copy to your Assembly Member.

AB 1594 Floor Alert PDF
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