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2010 Nutrition Action Alerts

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December 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (12.21.10) Take Action on AB6! The CalF-R-E-S-H Act of 2011


Nutrition Action Alert (12.10.10) AB 6 (Fuentes): The CalFresh Act of 2011 2011 CalFresh Forum and the "Freshy" Awards Tell Congress to Restore SNAP Benefits NOW! 2011 CA Working Families Policy Summit Los Angeles City Hall Acts on Nutrition Proposals CFPA is on Twitter!


House Passes Child Nutrition Reauthorization (12.2.10)


November 2010


URGENT - Child Nutrition Reauthorization Alert (11.30.10) LAST CALL!  Urge the House to Pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization and Restore SNAP Cuts NOW!


New Resource: Water in Schools (11.22.10)


New Report - Lost Dollars, Empty Plates, 2010 (11.17.10)


Child Nutrition Reauthorization Alert (11.11.10) Urge the House to Pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization and Restore SNAP Cuts NOW!


October 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (10.25.10) A Fresh Start for Food Stamps: Introducing CalFresh California Charter Schools Nutrition Audit

September 2010

Nutrition Action Alert (9.30.10) Governor Signs Healthy Beverage Legislation!


Nutrition Action Alert (9.2.10) Special Video Edition Video: Sign AB 2084 Video: Firme AB 208 (Spanish) Video: Thanks for SB 1413 Video: What SB 1413 is All About


August 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (8.31.10) Healthy Nutrition in Child Care Legislation Headed to Governor! Water in Schools Legislation Nears Finish Line State Nutrition Legislation Hits Governor's Desk LA Developments and Resources


Nutrition Action Alert (8.17.10) AB 2084 Heads to Senate Floor!  Contact your Senator! US Congress Raids Food Stamp Benefits State Nutrition Legislation Update School Breakfast Funding Opportunity


Nutrition Action Alert (8.4.10) Urge Congress to  Preserve Food Stamp Funding! The $30 Million Food Stamp Debacle Child Nutrition Reauthorization Update Back to School: Automatic Enrollment in Free School Meals Classroom Breakfast & Instructional Minutes


July 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (7.13.10) Say "Yes" To Transforming School Lunch Trays


Nutrition Action Alert (7.9.10) CFPA's Summer Nutrition Report: Press Wrap-up Budget Battle Update SSI Cash-Out: Recent Press and CFPA Analysis New Report on School Nutrition


June 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (6.24.10) 2010 Summer Food Report WIC Reauthorization - Your Help Is Needed! 2010 Dietary Guidelines: Open for Comment Progress on Face-to-Face Interview Requirements for Food Stamps! CA Legislature Considers Healthy Beverage Bills Vote for School Breakfast!


Nutrition Action Alert (6.24.10) Calls Needed Today: Tell Senate, "Don't Cut Food Stamps"


Child Nutrition Reauthorization Update and Alert (6.22.10)


Nutrition Action Alert (6/18/10) Action: Urge Budget Conferees to Support Food Stamp Improvements!


Nutrition Action Alert (6/9/10) Letters Needed: AB 2084 Moves to Senate Health Committee! Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Call-in Days: 6/10 and 6/11


Nutrition Action Alert (6/3/10) Budget Conference Committee Starts Today: Calls Needed! State Nutrition Legislation Update New Child Care Food Program Roundtable Website Register Now! Free June 11 Webinar for Summer Meal Sponsors and Sites


May 2010


Child Nutrition Reauthorization Alert (5/27/10) Call Now: House Amendment Supporting CNR


Nutrition Action Alert (5/14/10) State Nutrition Legislation Update State Budget: Outlook Grim Wellness Task Force Policy Briefing: Children and Beverages: Why We Care, May 21st, State Capitol Urge Congress to Act Quickly on Child Nutrition Reauthorization White House Childhood Obesity Task Force Issues a Strong Report Food Stamp Program Participation Grants: Request for Applications Updated Resources on Phone Interview Website! The BreakfastFirst Campaign


March 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (3/23/10) CFPA's 2010 Legislative Agenda AB 2084 - Healthy Beverages in Child Care: Letters Needed! AB 1642 - Semi-Annual Reporting for Food Stamps Hunger in the Golden State ENACT 2010: Nutrition and Activity Policy Day, April 20 in Sacramento Book Event in Oakland, 4/5: Free for All: School Food in America


Child Nutrition Reauthorization Update (3/18/10)


February 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (2/18/10) Just Released: 2010 County Nutrition and Food Insecurity Profiles  Updated! County Food Stamp Program Access Index  Working Families Summit: Thurs., February 25th


Nutrition Action Alert (2/10/10)  Child Nutrition Extravaganza Congressional Attention to Food Stamps Participation in California 11th Food Stamp Forum: Last Chance to Register! Food Stamp Healthy Purchase Pilot Update WIC Update: More Money for Fruits and Veggies New FRAC Report Examines "Food Hardship" Working Families Summit: February, 25th Blog Takes a Personal Look at School Meals


January 2010


Nutrition Action Alert (1/28/10) Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization: Updates and Opportunities for Action


Nutrition Action Alert (1/15/10) Budget Update: Huge Cuts, One Bright Spot The 411 on Phone Interviews: CFPA Launches Website on Food Stamp Waiver 11th Food Stamp Forum: Updates and Vote for Stampy Award Winners! CFPA to Testify at House Agriculture Subcommittee Field Hearing in Colton, CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Promotes School Breakfast; CFPA Announces Breakfast First Campaign Working Families Summit: February, 25th


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