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2009 Nutrition Action Alerts

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November 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (11/24/09) Summer Nutrition Update: State Task Force Examines Student Health During Summer Months 11th Annual Food Stamp Forum; Accepting Nominations for the "Stampy" Awards Campaign to End Hunger Launched in Los Angeles


Nutrition Action Alert (11/19/09) New CA-Specific Analysis! Millions Food Insecure; Billions in Lost Food Stamp Benefits State Budget Outlook Grim CFPA Board Member Honored Thirsty? New CFPA Report on Encouraging Water Consumption in Schools


Nutrition Action Alert (11/16/09) New USDA Report: Hunger and Food Insecurity at Highest Recorded Levels


Nutrition Action Alert (11/3/09) Waiver of Face-to-Face Interview for Food Stamps! State Audit Questions Anti-Fraud Efforts for Food Stamps and CalWORKs CA Senate Hearing in LA on Sugar-Sweetened Drinks and Obesity Reserve Your Seat Today for the 11th Food Stamp Forum! IOM Report on School Meal Nutrition Improvements


October 2009


CFPA Applauds New IOM Report, Urges USDA to Act Quickly


Nutrition Action Alert (10/13/09) Gov Vetoes AB 627 Food Stamp Victory Sharp Testifies Save the Date Texas Finger Imaging New WIC Package New Research


September 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (9/20/09) Certify All Children in Household for Free Meals! Call the Governor on AB 627! 2009 School Wellness Conference Ending Childhood Hunger USDA Listening Session


Urge Governor to Sign AB 627


August 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (8/28/09) AB 627 Passes Senate Appropriations! Modified Categorical Eligibility 2010 Food Stamp Forum Child Nutrition Reauthorization Updates School Meals Commodities Update


July 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (7/16/09) Urge USDA to Reject CA's Wacky Waiver New Neighborhood Store Toolkit Budget Update Progress on Improving Child Care Nutrition! Child Nutrition Reauthorization Updates


Nutrition Action Alert (7/7/09) Fairy Tales, Fraud, and Food Stamps Oppose the Governor's Cuts to CalWORKs Coming Soon to a County Near You: No Asset Test for Food Stamp Applicants with Children! New Food Stamp Application Process for Foster Youth Summer Food: Report and News


June 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (6/30/09) School's Out...  Who Ate?  CFPA's 2009 Summer Food Report Released! Budget Update: Down to the Wire!


Nutrition Action Alert (6/19/09) Letters of Support Needed for AB 627: Improving Nutrition in Child Care!


Nutrition Action Alert (6/17/09) Budget Update:  Winning the Expectations Game, Still Losing Benefits and Services Child Care Nutrition Updates: AB 627 and Recent News New Report:  Food Stamp Deductions Severely Underutilized in California Summer's Coming!  Summer Food Updates Commodity Corner


Nutrition Action Alert (6/1/09) Big Bad Budget Battles Floor Alert!  AB 627: Improving Child Care Nutrition Asset Test Removal for Food Stamps: Update Early Childhood Obesity in the News June Is Here; It's Time for Summer Lunch Promotion


April 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (4/24/09) Progress on CFPA-Sponsored Bills! Child Nutrition Reauthorization Rundown ENACT 2009 - One Week Away! Save the Date: Hunger Action Day, May 20, 2009 2009 Childhood Obesity Conference: Register Now!


March 2009


Nutrition Update (3/25/09) Letters Needed to Advance Nutrition Legislation Sign-up for ENACT 2009 2009 Childhood Obesity Conference: Register Now!   New County Food Stamp PAI  New Report on School Meal Certification WIC Food Package Web Forum Save the Date: Hunger Action Day, May 20, 2009



Nutrition Update (3/9/09) CFPA's 2009 Bills: Food Stamp Modernization and Child Care Nutrition CFPA Testifies in DC; CA Nutrition Advocates Hit Congress Making Change Matter: Wednesday Web Forums on the WIC Food Changes Letters of Support Needed for AB 95 (Torlakson) - Funding for School Meals Save the Date: ENACT Day, Wednesday, April 29 New Anti-Hunger Book, All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America?; Events Across California Save the Date: Hunger Action Day, May 20, 2009

February 2009


Nutrition Update (2/11/09) Federal Stimulus Update: How did nutrition fare? State Budget Deal Reached? 2009 Childhood Obesity Conference: Register Now! Food Stamp Forum Recap CFPA at the Working Families Summit Anti-Hunger Book Event in Bay Area Save the Date: Hunger Action Day, May 20, 2009


January 2009


Nutrition Action Alert (1/9/09) CFPA's 2009 Legislative Agenda 10th Food Stamp Forum and Stampy Awards State Budget Stalemate Continues LAO Highlights Importance of Nutrition for Academic Success for Low-Income Students Reminder: Register for Working Families Summit Funding Opportunity: Champions for Healthy Kids Child Care Nutrition Briefing in Capitol - Jan. 23


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