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CFPA 2020 State Legislative Tracker

Our 2020 state legislative tracker includes legislation CFPA is supporting, opposing or monitoring. CFPA-sponsored efforts have our highest priority and are shaded in tan. We will update this page on a regular basis as action is taken. Click each item for information, including bill language, fact sheets, and more.

COVID-19 Update: The California Legislature has returned from emergency recess. CFPA will continue to track priority legislation throughout the 2020 session. Please continue to check this page for updates on our state budget and legislative advocacy. For updates and resources related to the state and federal COVID-19 response, please visit https://cfpa.net/covid19/.

Last updated: 05.04.20

CFPA Budget Advocacy
Fund Food with Care
Invest in School Meals for All
CalFresh Simplified Senior Applications
Assembly Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
AB 4 Bonta Health for all, regardless of immigration status Support Sen Health
AB 31 C. Garcia Sales and use taxes: exemption Support Sen Rules
AB 66 Gonzalez Sales and use taxes: exemption: diapers Support Sen Rules
AB 683 Carillo Medi-Cal: eligibility Support Sen Rules
AB 987 Rivas CalWORKS dietary supplement Support Held at Author's Request
AB 1022 Wicks CalFresh benefits and E&T for ABAWDs Support Sen Approps
AB 1059 Burke CA Poverty Measure Monitor Filed with the Chief Clerk pursuant to Joint Rule 56
AB 1593 Reyes Working Families Tax Credit (CalEITC) Support Sen Gov & F.
AB 1611 Chiu Emergency hospital services: costs Support Sen Health
AB 1995 L. Rivas Pupil nutrition: free & reduced-price meal Support in Concept Asm Ed
AB 2003 C. Garcia Community college: restrooms: feminine hygiene products Support Asm Higher Ed
AB 2089 L. Rivas Environmental and Justice Empowerment Outreach Pilot Program Monitor Asm Nat Res
AB 2201 Grayson State prison: services upon release Monitor Public Safety
AB 2211 Rubio School breakfast: instructional minutes Monitor Asm Ed
AB 2243 Eggman Income tax: credits: food banks Support Asm Rev & Tax
AB 2282 McCarty CalFresh; college students Support Asm Hum Serv
AB 2347 Wood Health care coverage: financial assistance Support Asm Health
AB 2413 Ting CalFresh: eligibility & reporting Support Asm Approps
AB 2520 Chiu Access to medical records Support Asm Health
AB 2527 Nazarian Free school breakfast: nonschoolaged children Monitor Asm Ed
AB 2567 Burke CalWORKS 60-month clock Support Asm Approps
AB 2712 Low California Universal Basic Income (CalUBI) Program Monitor Hearing postponed
AB 2807 Rubio Medically Tailored Meals Pilot Program Monitor Asm Health
AB 2835 Stone Prisoners: identification cards Support Asm Pub Safety
AB 2949 Limon High quality, healthy, and nutritious school meals Monitor Asm Ed
AB 3006 Berman School meals: free or reduced-price meals Support in Concept Asm Ed
AB 3073 Wicks CalFresh: preenrollment Support Asm Hum Serv
AB 3118 Bonta Medically-tailored meals Support Hearing postponed
AB 3134 Reyes Refugee social services Support Hearing postponed
AB 3135 E. Garcia Older adults: food insecurity Monitor Asm Aging & L. T. C.
AB 3142 Wicks Public social services: sponsored noncitizen: indigence exception Support Hearing postponed
AB 3238 Smith CalFresh: foster youth Support Asm Hum Serv
AB 3269 Chiu Public social services: homeless individuals Monitor Asm H. & C. D.
Senate Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
SB 29 Durazo Health for all, regardless of immigration status Support Held
SB 33 Skinner EBT online purchases Support Asm - held at desk
SB 65 Pan Health care coverage: financial assistance Support Asm Approps
SB 144 Mitchell Criminal fees Support Asm Pub Safety
SB 882 Wiener CalFresh—Simpler for Seniors Sponsor Sen Hum Serv
SB 889 Skinner Juveniles Monitor Sen Rules
SB 926 Hill Business: retail stores: cash payments Support B., P. & E.D
SB 1065 Hertzberg CalWORKS: homeless assistance Support Sen Hum Serv
SB 1073 Gonzalez Medi-Cal & WIC Support Sen Health
SB 1082 Dodd CalFresh; college students Support Sen Ed
SB 1232 Glazer CalWORKs: postsecondary education Support Sen Hum Serv
SB 1290 Durazo & Mitchell Juveniles: costs Support Sen Pub Safety
SB 1417 McGuire Invest in School Meals for All Partner Held at Author's request