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Federal COVID-19 Waivers We Are Tracking

WIC Waivers We Are Tracking
Subject Summary Expires
WIC Physical Presence Requirement Temporarily lifts the requirement that WIC participants and applicants physically come into the clinic to enroll or re-enroll. Until 30 days after the end of the nationally-declared public health emergency.
WIC Remote Benefit Issuance Temporarily enables remote issuance of benefits on the WIC Card. Until 30 days after the end of the nationally-declared public health emergency.
WIC Food Package Substitutions Temporarily expands the foods families can buy with the WIC card. Until 30 days after the end of the nationally-declared public health emergency.
WIC Certification Period Extensions Temporarily extends certification periods up to 90 days for children 1-4 years of age. Until 30 days after the end of the nationally-declared public health emergency.
CalFresh/SNAP Waivers We Are Tracking
Subject Summary Expires
Emergency Allotments Enables CalFresh participants to get extra benefits if they are not already receiving the maximum for their household size. Until the HHS Secretary rescinds the public health emergency declaration or the State-issued emergency or disaster declaration expires.
Initial Application and Recertification Interview Waives the initial application and recertification interview requirement as long as required application information is verified by the County Welfare Department. 8/31/2020
Telephonic Signatures Waives the federal regulation requiring an audio recording for new applicants’ telephonic signatures. 9/30/2020
Extended Certification Periods and Waived Reporting Requirements Temporarily extends certification periods for households scheduled to expire in March, April and May 2020, for 6 months until September, October and November 2020 5/31/2020
Child Nutrition Waivers We Are Tracking
Subject Summary Program Expires
Pandemic-EBT Provides extra food benefits to families with children who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals when school is cancelled during the regularly scheduled school year. NSLP, SBP 9/30/2020
Summer Feeding Extends the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Nationwide Waiver to Allow Non-congregate Feeding in Child Nutrition Programs. SFSP, SSO 12/31/2020
Area Eligibility Allows the meal sites to replace the 50% FRP threshold for operating as an open site (serving free meals to all children) with a lower 40% threshold and allows additional sites to offer free meals to all children. NSLP, SBP, SSO, SFSP 12/31/2020
Meal Pattern Flexibility Allows for meal pattern flexibility so program operators can continue to serve meals even if they are experiencing food or beverage shortages SBP, NSLP, SFSP, CACFP 6/30/2021
Non-Congregate Feeding Waives the congregate feeding requirement and enables programs to offer “grab and go” meals or home-delivered meals. SFSP, NSLP, SBP, and CACFP 6/30/2021
Parent/Guardian Meal Pick Up Enables parents and guardians to pick up meals to take home to their children. SFSP, SSO, NSLP, SBP, and the CACFP 6/30/2021
Meal Times Gives flexibility to provide meals and snacks at times outside of federal guidelines. SBP, NSLP, SFSP, and CACFP 6/30/2021