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2018 State Legislative Tracker

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Tracey Patterson
Director of Legislation
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CFPA 2018 State Legislative Tracker

Our 2018 state legislative tracker includes legislation CFPA is supporting, opposing or monitoring. CFPA-sponsored efforts have our highest priority and are shaded in tan. We will update this page on a regular basis as action is taken. Click each item for information, including bill language, fact sheets, and more.

Last updated: 6.22.2018

CFPA Budget Advocacy
#FundFoodWithCare: Invest in Healthy Meals for Low-income Families
Advance Educational Equity with Breakfast After the Bell
Double the Fresh in CalFresh: Fight Hunger & Support California Agriculture


Assembly Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
AB 1871 Bonta Don't Let Hunger Be a School Choice Sponsor Sen Approps
AB 1921 Maienschein CalWORKS homeless shelter assistance Support Sen Hum Serv 6/26
AB 2023 Caballero Refundable child/dependent tax credit Support Sen Gov and Fin 6/20
AB 2066 Stone Strengthen and expand EITC Support Held in Asm Approps
AB 2162 Chiu Expedite approval for supportive housing Support Sen Gov & Finance
AB 2269 Lackey Extended CalWORKS benefits for student dependents Support Sen Approps
AB 2297 Arambula CalFresh benefit increase & CalWORKS dietary needs benefit Support Held in Asm Approps
AB 2326 Rubio Welfare-to-work exemption for families with infants Support Sen Hum Serv 6/26
AB 2335 Ting Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant & Small Business Program Support Sen Approps
AB 2501 Chu Safe drinking water system consolidation Support Sen Enviro Quality 6/20
AB 2579 Burke WIC Express Lane with Medi-Cal Support Sen Health TBD
AB 2785 Rubio Breastfeeding accommodations on college campuses Support Sen Ed 6/27
AB 2965 Arambula Health for all, regardless of immigration status Support Sen Approps
AB 3033 Maienschein Streamline CalFresh application Support Held in Asm Approps
AB 3043 Berman School nutrition (NSD cleanup bill) Support Sen Approps
AB 3200 Kalra SSI/SSP grant increase to poverty level Support Sen Hum Serv 6/26
Senate Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
SB 244 Lara Protects administrative data confidentiality and privacy of public services and programs Support Ordered to inactive
SB 623 Monning Establishes a safe and affordable drinking water fund Support Held in Sen Rules
SB 900 Wiener Double the Fresh in CalFresh Sponsor Win!
SB 926 Skinner Expanding "good cause" definition for CalWORKS recipients not meeting federal work requirements Support Asm Hum Serv TBD
SB 937 Wiener & Leyva Minimum standards for lactation accommodation spaces Support Asm Business and Prof
SB 946 Lara Safe sidewalk vending Support Asm Approps
SB 974 Lara Health for all, regardless of immigration status Support Asm Approps
SB 982 Mitchell Minimum CalWORKS grant amount Support Asm Hum Serv 6/26
SB 1192 Monning Makes healthy beverages the default for children's meals in restaurants Support Asm Approps
SB 1275 Stern Plan to end college hunger Support Held in Sen Approps
SB 1446 Glazer Prohibits sanctioning of CalWORKs recipients meeting federal work requirements Support Asm Hum Serv TBD