2016 School Nutrition Equipment Grants Announced


2.25.2016 USDA, the Dairy Council, and the National Football League announced $35 million in funding will be made available for schools to upgrade kitchen equipment to serve nutritious meals.  In early March schools may apply directly to Fuel Up to Play 60 for equipment grants up to $5,000. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2016. A sample application is available online now. link 

USDA will be releasing funds to state agencies to allocate to school districts for equipment grants greater than $5,000 later in 2016.

CFPA strongly supports investments in school nutrition, equipment, and facilities. Increasing resources for the provision of healthy high quality meals is a wise and necessary investment in the health of our children and the viability of our nutrition programs. Modernization of school food equipment and facilities is one of CFPA's federal priorities. PDF

CFPA is optimistic about additional investments in Child Nutrition Reauthorization. We commend the Senate Agriculture Committee for including school equipment grants and a loan program in their Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill. link

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