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SB 138 (McGuire)

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Count Me In: Expand Access to School Meals

Across California, more than 1.7 million California households with children struggle to put food on the table. School meals are extremely effective at fighting the devastating effects of child hunger. The time is right for California to broaden the reach of schools meals.

SB 138 (McGuire) would increase access to school meals by implementing Medi-Cal Direct Certification statewide and call upon very high poverty schools to offer free school meals to all students.

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Legislative Updates

  • SB 138 Passes Senate Ed with Unanimous Support!

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    3.15.2017 SB 138 (McGuire) passed out of the Senate Committee on Education with unanimous, bipartisan support this morning! SB 138 would more effectively identify low-income students and increase access to school meals Read more here…

  • SB 138 Count Me In for School Meals Introduced!

    2.3.17 On January 13, Senator Mike McGuire (North Coast) introduced Senate Bill 138, the “Count Me In for School Meals Act,” a bill aimed at addressing child hunger by removing hassles from school meal program enrollment and by serving all students free school meals in very high poverty schools. CFPA is proud to sponsor SB 138 Read more here…