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BreakfastFirst Campaign in Los Angeles

The BreakfastFirst Campaign is a three year, statewide initiative to help California students reach their full potential and California schools maximize available federal resources by strengthening school breakfast programs. The Campaign aims to ensure that all students are served nutritious breakfasts through innovative models such as Classroom Breakfast, Second Chance Breakfast, and Grab ‘n Go. CFPA's Los Angeles Office is working closely with local school districts and a wide range of community partners in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties, to provide technical assistance and to support the implementation of innovative breakfast models.

For more information on the statewide BreakfastFirst Campaign, visit CFPA's BreakfastFirst Campaign Page.

For more information about the BreakfastFirst Campaign in Los Angeles, contact Nicola Edwards at 213.482.8200 ext. 204.

CalFresh in Los Angeles County

CFPA’s Los Angeles Office is working to bring the benefits of CalFresh to the over 900,000 LA County residents who are income-eligible but not receiving this critical source of nutrition assistance. By coordinating with a variety of partners and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, CFPA aims to establish policies and procedures that increase CalFresh participation. Current activities are focused on full implementation of recent state and federal legislative victories, providing support to a variety of community and local government agencies to increase the effectiveness of local outreach, and improving client feedback systems to ensure all applicants receive high-quality customer service.

For more information on CFPA's statewide CalFresh efforts, visit CFPA's CalFresh Page.

For more information about CFPA's CalFresh efforts in Los Angeles, contact Alexis Fernandez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111.

Child Care Nutrition in Los Angeles

Each day 350,000 infants and toddlers in Los Angeles County attend day care facilities. Consequently, child care is a critical setting for establishing healthy habits early in life. CFPA’s LA Office is leading two campaigns to improve access to quality nutrition in child care settings across LA County. First, by working to implement the recommendations of this report , CFPA's LA Office continues local efforts strengthen the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). CFPA’s LA office is spearheading efforts to make USDA resources available to LA-area child care providers who are interested in serving nutritious meals and snacks. Second, in order to improve the nutritional quality of food and beverages served in child care, CFPA's LA Office led the development of an innovative training module that is assisting licensed child care providers in adopting an obesity-prevention approach to planning menus, purchasing food, and engaging parents. Broad implementation of this training initiative will improve implementation of AB 2084.

For more information about AB 2084 implementation and CFPA's statewide advocacy on child care nutrition,  visit CFPA's Child Care Nutrition Page.

For more information about child care nutrition in Los Angeles, contact Nicola Edwards at 213.482.8200 ext. 204.

NO KID HUNGRY Los Angeles Campaign

CFPA’s LA Office has partnered with Share Our Strength through the NO KID HUNGRY Campaign to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. SOS is a national nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that children in need are enrolled in federal nutrition programs and receive the nutritious food needed to lead healthy, active lives. The core goal of the Los Angeles NO KID HUNGRY Campaign is to end childhood hunger by working with city, county,and state leaders to find solutions to food insecurity, hunger, and obesity. Specifically, the Los Angeles NO KID HUNGRY Campaign is partnering with Los Angeles County schools to adopt models of breakfast service that maximize participation. The Campaign is also collaborating with Child Care Food Program (CCFP) sponsors, child day care homes, and day care centers to ensure that child care providers receive the meal reimbursements and training necessary to provide hungry children with appealing, nutritious meals.

Read the No Kid Hungry LA Campaign's first year priorities. PDF

For more information about the No Kid Hungry LA Campaign, contact  Nicola Edwards at 213-482-8200 ext. 204.

School Meals+ Los Angeles Campaign

With over 900,000 students attending public schools daily in Los Angeles County, CFPA advocates to ensure school cafeterias play a powerful, active role in improving student eating habits.  The School Meals+ campaign is built upon work started under RENEW LA to align school meals with the latest nutritional science. The School Mealscampaign advocates for providing more appealing, freshly prepared school meals, and redesigning school cafeterias using no-cost, low-cost behavior economic strategies.   These strategies complement our REAL School Food Initiative that have been proven to increase participation, decrease food waste, and enhance the bottom line.

For more information contact Ariana Oliva at 213-482-8200 ext. 203.  

For information on RENEW, visit CFPA’s RENEW Los Angeles Page

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