We are a statewide policy and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of low income Californians by increasing their access to nutritious, affordable food.

CFPA Primary Contact

George Manalo-LeClair
Executive Director
Oakland Office
510.433.1122 ext. 103


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CFPA 2010 Legislative Agenda

The table below contains our 2010 legislative agenda including all information on CFPA-sponsored bills and other legislation we are supporting, opposing, or monitoring. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as more bills are introduced and action is taken on each. CFPA sponsored bills have our highest priority and are included in the shaded boxes. Click on the bill subject for more information on CFPA sponsored legislation, including fact sheets, FAQs and more.

CFPA Audit Request: Chart a Course for Healthy Eating in Charter Schools

Assembly Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
AB 537 Arambula Farmers' Markets EBT Support Signed
AB 643 Skinner Public Aide Programs: Eligibility Change of Residence Support Failed Passage; Senate Appropriations
AB 1058 Beall CalWORKs Eligibility:Asset Limits: Vehicles Support Failed Passage; Senate Appropriations
AB 1756 Swanson Food Stamps Eligibility: Drug Felonies Support Failed Passage; Senate Appropriations
AB 1642 Beall CalWORKs and Food Stamps Reporting Sponsor Failed Passage: Assembly Appropriations
AB 1914 Davis Emergency Food Stamps Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2018 Skinner Food Stamps: Inter-county Transfer Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2084 Brownley Child Day Care Facilities: Nutrition Sponsor Signed!
AB 2147 Perez Safe Routes to School Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2175 Hayashi Education Childhood Obesity Monitor Active
AB 2468 DeLeon Lactation Accommodation: Workplace Designation Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
AB 2504 Strickland CalWORKs Fraud Monitor Failed Passage: Assembly Human Services
AB 2705 Hall Physical Education: Joint Use Support Failed Passage: Assembly Appropriations
AB 2720 Perez Public Health: Food Access Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
Senate Bills
Bill Author Subject CFPA Position Status
SB 1210 Florez Taxation: Sweetened Beverage Tax Support Suspense File: Senate Revenue and Taxation
SB 1255 Padilla School Nutrition: Beverages Support Failed Passage, Assembly Appropriations
SB 1322 Liu Food Stamp Employment and Training Program Support Vetoed (Veto Message)
SB 1359 Price Food Stamps Monitor Withdrawn, referred to Senate rules
SB 1413 Leno Schools: Food Service Areas: Water Support Signed (Signing Message)
SCR 77 Correa Childhood Obesity Prevention & Fitness Week   Senate Rules