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ATC and CDSS Webinar: New CalFresh Policies for Seniors


8.9.2017 On Wednesday, August 8th, the Alliance to Transform CalFresh (ATC) and California Department of Social Services co-hosted a webinar outlining new CalFresh policies for seniors and people with disabilities. Webinar participants learned about the Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP) and Standard Medical Deduction (SMD), which will be implemented simultaneously beginning October 1, 2017, making it easier for certain seniors and people with disabilities to enroll in, and receive the benefits of, CalFresh. These changes can help increase senior participation, improve the customer service experience, and enhance administrative efficiency.

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View the webinar recording. link

Read more about how ESAP and SMD policies work to increase enrollment and benefits for seniors. link

Learn more by reading CFPA’s report, Seniors and the CalFresh Medical Expense Deduction. PDF

Read our two page summary of state strategies to increase CalFresh participation and benefits for seniors. PDF

All County Letter (ACL) implementing the ESAP. PDF

All County Letter (ACL) implementing the SMD. PDF

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