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SB 138 Passes Assembly Ed with Unanimous Support!


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7.13.2017 SB 138 (McGuire) passed out of the Assembly Committee on Education with another unanimous, bipartisan vote of support yesterday! SB 138 aims to paperlessly enroll more than 650,000 students into school meals through Medi-Cal Direct Certification, which will enable high-poverty schools to make meals available free of charge to all students through a universal meal provision.

A big thank you to Senator McGuire for being a great champion of this bill, to Noun Abdelaziz , a high school senior from San Diego for bravely sharing her story and reminding us that "food is a tool, not a privilege," to the Assembly Education Committee for recognizing SB 138’s ability to fight the devastating effects of child hunger, and to all of you, who have shown your support and helped get out the word about SB 138. Take a moment to watch the yesterday's hearing:

SB 138 will need your continued support as it moves to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. If you haven't sent in your letter of support to the Assembly, please do so today! Stay tuned for more next steps, but in the meantime send out a tweet to your networks.

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To learn more, visit CFPA’s SB 138 page.

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