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AB 164 Moves Forward with Bipartisan Support!


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6.28.2017 Thanks to a broad list of support, AB 164 passed out of Senate Human Services yesterday on a bipartisan, unanimous vote! We are grateful for your advocacy to urge state leaders to fight hunger, promote health and mitigate poverty more effectively. AB 164 creates a flexible and cost-effective way to provide CalFresh food assistance when federal assistance is unavailable or inadequate.

Thankfully, the State Budget Act of 2017-18 builds the flexible benefit issuance mechanism needed to support the goals of AB 164! We are thrilled that the Legislature and Governor Brown included that provision in the Budget, which was signed into law yesterday.

We are grateful to Assemblymember Arambula for his strong leadership in this effort to improve the state's ability to respond to residents in need. We couldn't have gotten this far without our community partners and coalitions who have provided support and urged our state leaders to be prepared to fight hunger effectively when federal assistance is not enough.

Now that AB 164 is headed to Senate Appropriations, we need your support once again to make sure that California Food Assistance can be made available to resident in times of need!

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