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SB 782 Sample Calls, Tweets and Emails!


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Sample Calls

Assembly Member Caballero, Chair of the Agriculture Committee: (916) 319-2030

Assembly Member O'Donnell, Chair of the Education Committee: (916) 319-2070

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"Hi, I'm calling to express support for Senator Skinner's SB 782, which has been double referred to the Assembly Education Committee and the Assembly Agriculture Committee. I hope the Assembly Member will support this important step towards improving the quality of school nutrition by increasing schools' ability to make freshly prepared school meals with California-grown foods."

Sample Tweets with Infographic

Support #SB782! @AsmPatODonnell @AsmCaballero Bring fresh, CA-grown food to more CA schools @CAFoodPolicy http://cfpa.net/sb782

Support our schools, our farms, our youth @AsmPatODonnell @AsmCaballero SUPPORT #SB782 @CAFoodPolicy http://cfpa.net/sb782

CA food=fresh & tasty! Improve kids health & our ag economy w/ #SB782 @AsmPatODonnell @AsmCaballero @CAFoodPolicy cfpa.net/sb782

Sample Email

Send to INSERT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER's EMAIL; cc' Melanie.Morelos@sen.ca.gov; melissa@cfpa.net

Dear Assembly Member,

[I am/Name of your organization is] writing in support of SB 782 (Skinner), legislation that will establish a grant program to incentivize public schools to serve more California-grown food in freshly prepared school meals. SB 782 has been double referred to the Assembly Education Committee and the Assembly Agriculture Committee.

I support SB 782 because it addresses the challenges many California school districts to serve high-quality school meals made with fresh ingredients. Despite efforts to provide nutritious school meals through federal and state meal programs, more needs to be done to enable school districts to procure and serve high-quality school meals made with fresh, California ingredients.

[Add any personal reasons here]

SB 782 is an investment in our schools, our farms, and our youth. By incentivizing school districts to buy California-grown ingredients for freshly prepared meals, SB 782 connects more low-income students to the health and academic benefits of high-quality school meals while supporting California’s local agriculture and economy. For all these reasons, [I/we] respectfully urge your support of SB 782.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Your organization, or for individuals, your mailing address]

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