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SB 138 Sample Calls, Tweets and Email


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Sample Calls

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher: (916) 319-2080

"Hi, I'm calling to express support for Senator McGuire's SB 138, which is in Assembly Appropriations. I urge the Chairwoman to support SB 138's goal to create hunger-free schools in California. SB 138 supports child health by linking Medi-Cal to free school meals. SB 138 also gives high-poverty schools a fiscally viable way to meet the basic needs of their students by bringing more federal funds to feed students."

Sample Tweets:

Sample Email

Send to: daisy.gonzales@asm.ca.gov , cc: Kelly.Burns@sen.ca.gov, elyse@cfpa.net

Subject: Support for SB 138 (McGuire)

Dear Chairwoman Gonzalez-Fletcher,

[I am/Name of your organization is] writing in support of SB 138 (McGuire), legislation that will improve school districts’ ability to identify low-income students, reduce child hunger, and support student success with nutritious school meals.

When a child goes hungry, their ability to learn, grow and thrive is compromised. More than one in four California children live in poverty. School meals are extremely effective at fighting the devastating effects of child hunger. SB 138 seeks to reduce child hunger by providing schools with the best available tools to address the inequities that create opportunity gaps, and give children a better chance to succeed.

[Add any personal reasons here]

SB 138 is urgently needed to protect California children and schools from federal threats to healthcare and nutrition programs. Congress is poised to roll back the gains in healthcare expansion, and to make cuts or structural changes to the federal nutrition programs. SB 138 would help mitigate harm to California children and communities.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Your organization, or for individuals, your mailing address]

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Questions: Contact Elyse Homel Vitale at 510.433.1122 ext 206, or elyse@cfpa.net